Attorney Kevin ErnstI’ve been practicing law for 26 years and graduated from Wayne State Law School with honors in 1990. I was mentored by civil rights legend Hugh M. (Buck) Davis for approximately six years before I began my own practice, which I have maintained since 1996. My specialties include personal injury and civil rights law.

I have multiple million dollar jury verdicts, including my most recent, a November 2016, $36.63 Million Dollar verdict in Jennings v. Fuller, et. al., the largest verdict in the history of the State of Michigan in a police misconduct case for an individual and the largest verdict of any kind in 2016 in Michigan. Other notable verdicts include a $2.5 Million Dollar police misconduct verdict in Solomon v. Sterling Heights, et al., and a $1.25 million verdict in an employment discrimination case in Worthy v. Performance Staging, Inc. The Worthy verdict was the highest employment discrimination verdict in the State of Michigan in 2014. I also obtained a judgment in excess of $1.1 million in another police misconduct case, Williams v. Michigan State Police et al.

In addition to these verdicts, I have a $2.9 Million Dollar settlement in a construction site accident case, which is confidential so the names cannot be listed, a $1.65 Million Dollar settlement in another work-related injury case, which is also confidential, and I have achieved numerous other settlements in the upper six-figure range in the course of my 25 year career, the most recent of which was a $775,000 verdict in a jail suicide case in 2016, which is also confidential.